O Konzorcijumu biblioteka Srbije za objedinjenu nabavku (KoBSON), kao i njegovim ciljevima, možete više saznati ovde.

KoBSON interaktivna seed wiki stranica nalazi se na ovoj adresi – klik!

About KoBSON

The KoBSON blog is the official site of the Serbian Consortium of Coordinated Acquisition hosted and maintained by the Center for Scientific Information at the National Library of Serbia. The portal is intended to offer integrated access to electronic periodicals subscribed by the Consortium. Additionally, it provides the necessary information about the availability of print-only journals kept at Serbian academic libraries.

The function of the main module of the portal is to provide users with a search engine for the journal collection. Other modules are backing accessory system tasks, such as administration and collection-management, maintaining URLs, monitoring usage statistics, e-mail technical support, and alerting service. Institutional users are provided with IP-controlled access (Class C network) to the full portal service, including full-text of journal articles online. Where IP-controlled access is not possible, personal passwords may be issued upon request.

The journals can be browsed or searched according to title, ISSN, service/publisher and discipline/subject. Resulting lists contain links to the full texts in the journal archive, the journal actual Impact Factor, and an additional link to detailed information about the journal: a direct link to the editor’s page (if the end-user wants to publish in that journal), the Impact Factor and category ranking in previous years, as well as the availability of the journal paper form at Serbian libraries.

The interface in general is tailored to support two typical uses of the service: choosing a journal for publication and locating the article of interest as quickly as possible. It is also designed and equipped to offer researchers as users of the full service, i.e. to provide him/her with the paper form of an article if its electronic counterpart is unavailable. User statistics are provided in the form ready to use for making decisions about further purchasing of journals/services.

In addition to the international journals, the portal offers access to domestic periodicals given in electronic form. These are given as open archives and made searchable to the level of the full text.

KoBSON provides 24/7 remote access service for end-users. We solved the access-to-off-site-users problem through proxy servers. Each individual user must also sign a Personal License Agreement, which covers a set of conditions on using the service.



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