Why do we need Science blogs?

I just have posted entry at science blog in Serbian. This is the blog that I have founded and kept updated for eConsortia – KoBSON, thinking that someone will find it useful. This is the page in English explaining KoBSON. Existence and need of this science (only science blog) in Serbia is under the question (Consortia directors decide).
A year ago within my Master research paper I got very relevant results about the usage of the precious online resources within KoBSON (that are available in science institutions, academia and libraries) and results of that research was not quite satisfied for Serbian science community. More than thousands and thousands available resources at KoBSON are not used because of many factors that I explained in my master paper empiric study (comparing to USA and EU similar online environments). One of them is directly connected with ignorance beacuse of the lack of information and knowledge, poor level of digital literacy, non-activism of some institutions, professionals, etc.
I posted in Serbian language several questions weather low standard countries, as Serbia is, really need to use open source facilities that are free, and to interact and make better science within community?
I am in doubt that this community exists.

This is post addressed to Serbian science community, institutions, leaders, coordinators, scientists.

As I have been writing/talking about the role and the impact of science blogs in Serbian and world blogosphere, their role in research, academia, one asked me a question: does and why KoBSON need blog?
KoBSON has its own official web, home page which contains entire list of online available e-resources valuable for researchers, users but only in Serbia. That is the main goal and function – using available and precious electronic resources and therefore contribution to Serbian science and academic community.
BUT, for now there was one-sided communication (before science blog). Do e-archives and online Consortia need to foster and work on social online networking, science blog in this case, where the most important factors are interaction, exchange of information, ideas, and cooperation with other similar institutions in Serbia and world wide, OR it is NOT relevant (as some may think in Serbia) to include the KoBSON into modern world web 2.0 forms (e.g. open source software)?

Do you feel free to leave the comment (even anonymous) and to communicate, giving feedback on services you use within KoBSON, what would you prefer to see in the future as new application or online service?
Do you think that Consortia, libraries, museums, should be open for their users considering interaction and communication?
Does this blog contribute to intellectual development, its educational and informational content using social interaction?
Or, the Consortia, libraries, museums in Serbia will become deposited closed archives of huge amount of e-resources and data that are not used in its full capacity, and which policy is determined by the social and culture, education policy and the politics of the country?

Those questions I have asked myself for long time, as well, as rare colleagues from Serbian science community, who share my opinion.
Therefore, should KoBSON science blog, the only of its kind in Serbia, continue with work, developing, functioning as information-interactive tool in Serbian science community?

My personal opinion, beside above written, is that science blogging presents at this level the beginning of joining small community into larger one. Also, Serbian science community needs not only science blog, but also the other available open source (web 2.0) forms, applications for facilitating the usage of information, networking, cooperation, as the basic tool for social science interaction aa well as always emphasizing the educational role in academia and science intitutions.

What is your opinion?

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4 реаговања to “Why do we need Science blogs?”

  1. Mr. R Says:

    Keep up witj the good work

  2. Solana Says:

    The more science blogging the better! Knowledge should be open to all.

  3. Global Voices Online » Serbia's One and Only Science Blog: Help Save It! Says:

    […] wrote this, in English: The more science blogging the better! Knowledge should be open to […]

  4. Zeka Says:

    Keep the blog going. Share the fruit.

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